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Accessories | Paper Theater | Display Light (USB) Non-Coloured LED

Accessories | Paper Theater | Display Light (USB) Non-Coloured LED

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LED unit body material: PS, M
Light diffusion sheet material: PP
USB cable material: PVC, M
USB cable type: USB TYPE A-USB MICRO B (approx. 1 m)
Supply power from a 5V, 0.7-2A AC adapter or PC

Introducing the Paper Theater Display LED Light for adding more dramatic effect while displaying finished paper theaters. This light can be lit up by attaching it to the back of the display case ( sold seperately ) using a USB power supply. It can also be attached to the large display case, which allows you to move the position of the light source.

* The image is for illustrative purposes only. It may be slightly different from the actual product.
* The paper art assembly and the display case is not included in this product as it is for expressing an example of using the LED light.

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H102 x W82 x D13 mm


Main unit (LED unit), USB cable, light diffusion sheet


Refer to description


💡 Translated Directions :
1 ● Attach the main unit to the Ensky display case (PT-CSS or PT-CSL)
From the back of the case, fit the main body inside the frame.
When using with the large display case (PT-CSL), the mounting position can be moved within the frame on the back, so find a place where the effect of light can be enhanced by the finished product and position it.

2 ● While paying attention to the shape and orientation of the jack, connect the included USB cable properly. It will light up when connection is successful. If you'd not be using it for a long time, pull out the cable to turn it off, and store it. Supply power from a 5V, 0.7-2A AC adapter or PC

3 ● If you like, set the attached white sheet for light diffusion on the back of the finished product in the display case.

The image is a reference. It may be slightly different from the actual product.


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